1.6m x 1.6m(5ft x 5ft) Puppy Dog Whelping Box With Timber Insert & Pig Rails Pen

P Dot Wolf

1.6m x 1.6m(5ft x 5ft) Puppy Dog Whelping Box With Timber Insert & Pig Rails Pen
A great whelping pen, easy to assemble, with attached pig rails. The door opens so that the bitch can go in and out during the day. The timber retainer stops the puppies from escaping. Close the door when you want the bitch to stay with the puppies. 

  • 1.6m (63")x 1.6m (63")x 0.5m (19.5")high mesh cage with timber whelping insert. 
  • 50mm (2") x 50mm(2") heavy duty mesh - 4mm diameter wire.
  • Plastic Coated for hygiene and longer life
  • Comes complete with a top quality timber whelping insert that fits inside the pen. This insert is easy to assemble - 8 screws into pre-drilled holes. Height 12" (protects puppies from draughts)
  • FSC top quality timber used throughout. 
  • Attached Pig Rails...keep those small puppies safe! 5" (125mm) From ground. 3" (75mm) wide all the way round. 
  • Comes complete with a thick White PVC Liner - 2m x 2m. The whelping pen just sits on this (It is not an actual fixed base) 
  • Whelping insert is easily dismantled and stored away.
  • Panels can be used later inside or outside as a dog fence, play pen, gate etc...ideal to keep your precious pooches where you want them. Additional panels are available. 
  • Use the panels to make an area for toileting outside...a must if you have young children playing in the same area...train them young (the puppies not the children!)
  • The panels can be used either 0.5m high or 1m high (the original pen is only 0.5m high but you can just turn the panels the other way up to get them 1m high or 0.6m high)
  • Colour Green
Also available in a whelp and Wean version - just choose the pen with the three extra panels to extend the pen. 
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