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Barnel Compact Pole Saw - 5ft Extending to 12ft 4"

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BARNEL Tools Professional Pole Saw 

Professional Pole Saw from Barnel - Extends from 5ft up to 12ft 4" in 8 stages

This Professional Pole Saw from Barnel extends from 5ft to 12ft 4" It has three sections and adjustable in 8 stages.  This is a top quality product with amazing features. 

Product Features of the Professional Pole Saw Pole.

  • Manufactures from aircraft alloy extruded aluminium which is lightweight and offers maximum deflection/spring back feature.
  • The special oval shape with rounded ends on both sides increases the strength and stability over square/rectangular or round poles and gives a comfortable grip when in use.
  • Furthermore the anodised finish on the pole repels dirt, sap and fluids.
  • Three telescopic sections slide inside of each to shorten the pole for easier handling, transportation and storage.
  • Fully extended, the pole reaches high up into the task area making the job easier to complete.
  • The saw blade attaches directly onto the pole without the use of an adaptor. 
  • Each section is connected to the next and by nylon couplers. Each coupler has a double locking connection. Firstly by means of a spring loaded all metal push button that locks into pin holes that have been drilled into the telescopic extension sections. Secondly a constriction lock (similar to a hose clamp) will clamp/tighten around the next smaller section and securely unite all of them as if they were one.
  • The saw head is double locked onto the telescopic pole, firstly by means of a set of spring loaded push buttons housed inside the smallest extension section and secondly a solid fold over steel pin locks the saw head very securely.
  • TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) extra large anti-slip comfort grip area on the outermost section gives and ergonomic feeling whilst in use.
  • Easy and effortless to move the saw up to fully extended and back again.
  • A full spare parts programme is available for this professional pole saw.

Pole Technical Specifications

  • Barnel Ref Z555P1
  • Three sections
  • Overall length extended with saw blade attached 4.26m (13.8ft) 

Product Specifications for TIGER TOOTH/TIGER CLAW saw blade

  • The pole saw blade is manufactured from SK4 exclusive Japanese, high carbon, Samurai sword steel. This is the ULTIMATE cutting blade material for a pole saw blade.

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