BLACKSPOT REMOVER PRO 5L For Patio Stone Flags Drive Path Moss Cleaner

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BLACK SPOT REMOVER PRO For Patio Stone Flags Drive Path Moss Cleaner


5 Litres Covers Up to 25 Square Metres

Destroys Black Spots, Moss, Algae & Lichens
  • These black spots and lichens can ruin the overall look of your outdoor area. They can be very hard to remove by normal cleaners. Our Professional remover has been specifically designed to eliminate these stubborn marks easily. 
  • Leaves your Paths, driveway, paving, flags and brickwork nice and clean and black spot free. 
  • Super strong formula that works quickly. 
  • Lichen is a made up of two organisms - bacteria and fungi. This is why they are so difficulty to remove. However our "Black Spot Remover" is super strong and will remove these stubborn marks with ease. 
  • Leaves the area so clean and just like new. 
  • For use on almost all treated and untreated stone surfaces. Safe to use on block paving, York stone, Garden Paths, Flags, Indian Sandstone bricks....and more. 
  • Gets to work immediately on application. No scrubbing neaded. 
  • Apply the solution neat - DO NOT DILUTE
  • Apply on a dry day with no rain forecast for 6 hours. 
  • Apply directly onto the area using a pump sprayer or watering can. 
  • Leave the area for 4-6 hours. Keep pets and children away during this time. 
  • The product will start to react and fizz as it starts to work....this is normal. 
  • Rinse the area thoroughly and then leave to dry. 
  • Once dried it is safe to allow pets and children back onto the area. 
Potentially harmful to aquatic and plant life. 
Do not use near bodies of water
Contains Sodium Hypochlorite. 

5 Litre = One 5L Container
10 Litre = Two 5L Containers
20 Litre = Four 5L Containers

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