1m High Foldable Dog Fencing



Looks great, is robust, easy to erect, flexible and in addition stops your dog from straying!

Can be used indoors or outdoors. 

It is ideal for:

  • Across a driveway or doorway.
  • Keeping your dog off borders and lawns.
  • Sectioning off areas of your garden that you don’t want your dogs to access.
  • Around the perimeter of your garden. 
  • Ideal to use with your caravan/motorhome. 
  • Creating a toilet area.
  • Making a play pen/area
  • Across doorways and stairs. 

The Dog Fence has to be put in a zig-zag configuration. This is mainly to confuse the dog and they usually turn away in confusion. 


  • Easily erected
  • Folds away easily
  • Complete with fixing kit
  • Easily extendable

How To Calculate The Length of Fence

We supply one 0.5m wide panel to cover 1ft.  

Therefore: for a 12ft fence we supply 12 panels and for a 16ft fence we would supply 16 panels etc. 

You just order the size of the fence for the size of your gap – You have a 16ft Gap – order a 16ft fence. We supply enough panels for you to put this fence in the Zig-Zag Formation. 

    Fixing kit Supplied with Each Fence:

    • At one end two special galvanised securing brackets. These act as a hinge and attach to either a timber post, fence or wall. They are strong, long lasting & secure.
    • At the opening end of the fence, we supply a galvanised steel hasp and staple which is easy to fix to a wall, fence or post and makes opening and closing the fence quick and easy. Comes complete with screws and rawl plugs. 
    • In addition, we also provide a carabiner clip to go through the staple but you could also use it with a small/medium sized lock (lock not supplied)

    * Very small dogs and puppies can escape through the 100mm x 125mm (4" x 5") mesh. We do offer a smaller mesh sized fence (50mm x 50mm (2" x 2").

    Copy of the instructions can be found here

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    £2.95 Postage & Packing costs are quoted for U.K. Mainland Only Scotland, Scottish Isles, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Scilly Isles & Northern Island £9.95 carriage. We Use The DHL/UKMail next day service as standard for the UK. After that please get in touch if there seems to be a problem.

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