Flexipanel Permanent Dog Fence

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Flexipanel Permanent Dog Fence
1m / 2 metres / Without a Gate - £63.00

Flexipanel permanent dog fence. At last a cost-effective permanent Dogfence that looks good and stops your dog from straying. Rosie, Rocky and Izzy our miniature dachshunds love the freedom this fencing gives them around the garden. More importantly…No escapees!!

One metre or 1.5m high by any length with optional gate

For the Flexible/portable dog fencing please click here: Flexipanel Foldable

Our Fexipanel permanent dog fence is made from tough weld-mesh panels. These are 1m  by 0.5m  and the mesh size is 100mm (4″) x 125mm (5″) Strong and built for the job. Very easy to fix. A lot easier than dealing with a long roll of netting that is difficult to fix tightly.

Our  Flexipanel permanent dog fence system can be easily fixed with the timber posts and range of fittings that we supply with the fencing. Flexipanel is ideal for around your garden borders to stop your canine friends escaping. The posts are spaced at 1m distance and the panels are put one on top of the other creating a fence 1m or 1.5m high. The posts are 1.45m long. Therefore they need pushing/hammering into the ground 0.45m

Flexipanel Permanent Dog Fence

is also ideal for creating a pen/permanent area for your dogs to exercise. It is a very cost effective way of keeping your canine friends safe and happy. The area can be made as large or small as required. . Just measure the width required in full metres x the length in full metres and times this by two to get the length of fencing required.  EG a dog pen 2m x 4m would require a 12m fence.

Finally You can place these panels around the edge of your garden. Your shrubs, plants and flowers will easily grow through them so that the panels become virtually invisible. While supporting your plants as well!

It works well with both large and small dogs. We have supplied to people with Weimaraner’s, Boxers, Labradors, German Shepherds and lots of other breeds of large dogs. Most dogs don’t tend to try and jump the Dog Fence. As the panels are a large open mesh and no real top bar, they just usually look at the fence and walk away.


Furthermore there is an option of a gate. This is supplied as extra panels, one extra post, two hinged fittings, a wooden batten and a hasp & staple with hook. The gate is 0.5m wide  or  1m wide with the panels provided in the kit. You have to order this as an extra option on the website.


Our Flexipanel Dog fence panels are manufactured from strong wire and are coated in PVC that aids for a longer life. The colour is an aesthetic green colour which we chose because it is pleasing to the eye and to the environment.

Our Flexipanel Dog fence panels are 0.5m x 1m are fastening together at 1m intervals, therefore the panels are attached one on top of the other to give a 1m high fencing with a 1m space between each post.

In addition

The 2″ x 2″ posts we supply are made from top quality timber that is pointed at one end. It has also been treated for longer life. These are 1.45m long – 0.45m has to be pushed/hammered into the ground for stabilisation of the fence. (The fencing posts in the picture have been stained a mahogany colour by ourselves to match our windows) The ones we supply are natural wood and you can then stain them any colour you want,

We supply plastic fittings that are used to fix the panels together. We supply 3 fittings for every 1m. These are made from plastic for longer life.

Furthermore we supply  specially designed fixings complete with screws that attach the panels to the posts, these are heavy duty and U.V. resistant, therefore having a longer life. Once again we supply four per panel.

Contact us on 01282 792926  for more information if needed. Our sales staff are always willing to help you.

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A copy of the instructions can be found here

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