Hortisept Pro Concentrate 5ltr Horticultural Disinfectant

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Hortisept Pro Concentrate 5ltr Horticultural Disinfectant

Hortisept Pro Horticultural Cleaning Solution – Super Concentrate A NEW CONCEPT IN HORTICULTURAL DISINFECTION

Hortisept is a specifically formulated synergistic blend that is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal but user and environmentally sensitive.

Hortisept does not contain alcohol, acid, aldehydes, chlorine, phenols or halogens, making it a safer alternative to aggressive or corrosive chemicals.

Hortisept disinfects continuously, preventatively and repeatedly.

Effectively controls a wide variety of pathogens on hard surfaces. Its applications include:
• Hard surfaces/exteriors
• Work areas and benches, pots, trays, matting, plants and flower buckets
• Disinfection of cutting tools
• Glasshouses and Polytunnels

Formulated with unique germicidal agents to provide control of disease-spreading organisms on all water safe horticultural surfaces. It contains a unique blend of compounds that create an enhanced antimicrobial spectrum.

Hortisept therefore prevents microbes from growing and spreading in a way that is not harmful to the environment and will not affect plants or shrubs if accidental contamination occurs.

For best results clean and remove all organic matter using Verritex or Polytex before disinfecting with Hortisept.

Advantages of Hortisept include:
• Broad spectrum disinfectant
• Environmentally friendly
• Pleasant odour
• No re-entry restrictions for hard surface use
• Cost effective use rates
• Good wetting agent
• Leaves bacteria resistant residue
• Biodegradable

Rates: Dilute with water 1:25 to make active solution

Coverage: 8-12m² per litre diluted product

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