Plantopia Wall Basket Black or Green


Plantopia wall basket..The original and by far the best (UK designed and manufactured).

At last a wall basket with lots of really good design features.

This beautifully shaped easy to plant basket allows you to plant semi mature plants without causing root or foliage damage. This gives your basket a “kick start” so that you have a  beautiful display sooner.

This extra large 20″ wide 8″ deep wall basket allows your plants to grow to their maximum potential. Lots of smaller baskets have not got enough room for good plant growth and therefore never really produce a good display.

The main feature of this revolutionary basket are the press out panels which are of a lattice design.These allow your plants to breath and get fresh air to there root system. Therefore your plants are a lot more healthier and grow to their best potential.

In addition the  Plantopia wall basket has a large (approx. 1Ltr) water retention reservoir at the base of the basket. This is a great feature and reduces the need for daily watering and in addition reduces the risk of the compost drying out.  If your basket does dry out the plants can scorch or wilt ruining your precious plants.

The basket can be removed from the wall easily without the need to remove the wall bracket.

Just a few of the main advantages of the basket:

  • This basket holds a large amount of compost
  • No expensive moss or basket liners are needed
  • The basket can be used year on year
  • No damage to your plants during planting
  • The baskets are available in green and black
  • Each 20″ baskets have 5 push out insert panels
  • Each basket is supported by two strong black plastic support brackets
  • The basket can be planted up in minutes
  • Allows plants to breath
  • Healthier plant growth
  • No root squeezing

We also sell the great watering funnel/fountain for these baskets. I great feature. Check this out by clicking here   Plantopia Watering Funnel/Fountain for Hanging Baskets

BEWARE of the inferior copies of this product which are on the market! We only stock the official Plantopia range.

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