Plantopia Watering Funnel/Fountain for Hanging Baskets


This Plantopia Watering Funnel  makes watering and feeding your hanging baskets so easy.

It directs the water straight to the plants roots and cuts down on waste and loss of water and feed.

The funnel splits into two halves enabling slow release feed pellets to be implanted into the funnel. This will then slowly feed your plants as you water all through the season.

The Plantopia Watering Funnels are specially designed for the 14″ “original” Plantopia hanging baskets and also the Original “Plantopia” wall basket. The funnel has been designed so that it located into the base of the basket.

You can use them for other types of baskets as the compost and plants will hold the funnel in place once filled.

This is a great product as you water your baskets from the inside and not from the outside. You know how difficult watering is if your basket has dried out….water everywhere…including your feet!

These funnels keep the core of your hanging basket moist even if you forget to top up the funnel for a few days.

The outside of the funnel sits at the top of the basket and you just water through this funnel direct into the core of the basket.

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