Swivel Hook for Hanging Baskets


Swivel Hook for Hanging Basket by Plantopia

Swivel Hook for Hanging Basket by Plantopia..the original design and the best!

This hook attaches in between  your hanging basket bracket and your hanging basket. The unique rotation of the swivel hook then allows you to “turn” your basket around 360 degrees.

This means that you can turn your basket round towards the sun so that the growth becomes even. You can then “show off” your baskets with their best side in view.

It also means that when watering you can water from different sided of the basket rather than the same side every time. This helps with water distribution inside the basket. All the plants can then get water rather than the ones at the front of the basket.


  • Even distribution of light and water.
  • Shows baskets at their best.
  • Fits any basket or bracket.
  • Easy to turn.
  • All round growth.
  • Manufactured from very strong metal.
  • Galvanised for longer life…beware of cheaper imitations which are not galvanised.

These can also be used for hanging of wind chimes, spiral decorations and bird feeders. For any DIY enthusiasts they are ideal for hanging work whilst painting or adding decoration.

Give all your plants a little bit of sunshine.

We also sell hanging basket brackets.

Please be aware of imitations. Choose the Plantopia brand for guaranteed quality.

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