Telescopic Ratchet Loppers – Heavy Duty, Professional Quality from Barnel


Telescopic Ratchet Loppers – Heavy Duty, Professional Quality from Barnel

Telescopic Ratchet Loppers – Heavy Duty from Barnel yet again a superb quality product – Barnel are the world leaders in cutting edge technology. A top quality professional product that will last for years…beware of cheap imitations.

These very latest telescopic ratchet loppers from Barnel Tools have more leverage, making cutting thick branches easier.

First of all they have a more curved base and blade that holds the branch safe and secure when cutting

Therefore reducing the chance of disease and dieback.

Ratchet mechanism requires minimum strength to complete large cuts, it also features an anti-slip bottom jaw for extra grip of large branches.

In addition the handles are very easy to extend with 4 different locking stations. This means you can adjust the handles to suit the job in hand.

Furthermore they have the Barnel tools patented oiler system. Unique to all Barnel tools.

Telescopic Ratchet Loppers Product Features

  • High carbon steel, heat treated, precision ground blades. This gives these loppers a  great cutting edge.
  • They have a durable non-stick coating which reduces friction and makes them easy to clean.
  • Extruded aluminium telescopic handles, lightweight. The robust oval shape increases the strength/stability over round handles.
  • The main aluminium anvil blade has anti slip teeth over a steel core, super strong to support large cuts. The other, softer aluminium anvil provides a counter base against the main blade to allow for severance of all fibres and capillaries.
  • Heavy duty ratchet design with heat treated spring.
  • A sixth ratchet notch provides the ability to cut a larger branch, or cut through a smaller branch with less energy.
  • Anodized finish on the aluminium handles repels dirt, sap and fluids.
  • Large push buttons provide easy operation of telescopic handles to extend or retreat.
  • TPR (Thermo plastic rubber) extra large anti-slip comfort grip inserts give an ergonimic sensation when in use.
  • Dual centre oiler bolt technology. Allows for the maintenance of the tool without taking it apart. It provides continuous lubrication during the operation of the tool.
  • Some spare parts are available for this tool (blade, anvil, spring, hardware kit)

Telescopic Ratchet Loppers Instruction for use:

First of all open the lopper all the way by pulling apart (open) the handles.

Place the branch that has to be cut all the way into the jaw…as far back as possible.

Squeeze the handles together whilst advancing the blade through the branch. This taking minimal effort

As soon as you need to squeeze harder to continue advancing the blade…STOP!…do not keep squeezing.

Open the lopper slightly until you hear a definate CLICK – STOP again. Do not open the blade any further.

Squeeze again…it should be easier to advance the blade further into the branch.

Once you need to squeeze harder again…STOP – back up until the next CLICK.

Finally continue the same until the cut is complete.

Do not pull or rip the fibres, capillaries or bark at the end of the cut.

Telescopic Ratchet Loppers Technical Information:

Weight: 56.8oz (1600g)

Size 65-96cm

Cut Diameter – 2″ (50mm)

Ref: BR7000

Finally – another top quality professional product from Barnel -World leaders in cutting edge technology.

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