Barnel Tools Professional Diamond Sharpening Stone

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Barnel Tools Professional Diamond Sharpening Stone


This professional diamond sharpener with one side course and one side fine, enables you to keep your Barnel tools sharp and easier to use at all times.

Barnel Tools Professional Diamond Sharpening Stone

This Barnel tools professional diamond coated sharpening stone is a top quality tool that will last for years.


  • Diamond media is incorporated into soft nickel material. This nickel material is coated onto the steel core. Then the diamond media is also applied on top of the nickel. As the initial diamond coating wears off with use the more durable nickel with its diamond media incorporated underneath continues to sharpen. This will perform the sharpening just as well and for a very long time.
  • The coarse diamond media will repair nicks and dents in the cutting edge and it will also perform larges cutting edge sharpening.
  • One side is coarse (400 mesh) and the other side is fine (600 mesh)
  • Pointed tip for easy access to smaller confined areas.
  • Nylon body, ergonomically shaped for easy of use.
  • TPR(Thermoplastic rubber) anti-slip comfort grip for optimum control.
  • Hole in the handle which allows you to hang the sharpener up.


  • Never sharpen from the inside face of a blade. (the one that has no bevel) as it will ruin the blade.
  • All maintenance and sharpening should be performed by a responsible person who is not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Instructions of operation

  • Hold open the tool firmly with one hand.
  • Take the sharpener and set if firmly, with pressure on the bevel of the blade (along the outside face of the blade – not the inside face of the blade)
  • Sharpen the cutting edge by pulling the sharpener along the blade parallel to the bevel (= angle of approx 23 degrees)

Technical Specifications

  • Weight 5.5oz (155g)
  • Size 10″ (25.5cm)
  • Head 5.5″ (140mm)
  • Barnel reference BSHARP XLTo watch the Barnel Tools video please click on the arrow in the middle of the picture below

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