mesh panel securing clips complete with screws

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mesh panel securing clips complete with screws



Mesh panel securing clips

These mesh clips have been specially designed to attach mesh panels to posts, primarily for our Flexipanel permanent fencing but could be used for other mesh products.

Each clip is provided with a screw that attach the panels to the posts, these are heavy duty and U.V. resistant, therefore having a longer life.

These fasteners are ideal to fix your Flexipanel dog fence or our Flexigro plant support system to wooden posts. Flexipanel and Flexigro are our trade names.

You can fix any sort of mesh panels to your own wooden posts or brickwork.

They can be used to attach a single panel or two panels to the same post

UV protected for longer life.

Clip Size 35mm x 25mm x 10mm (3.5cm x 2.5cm x 1cm)

Top quality Pozi double Csk head woodscrews 1″(25mm) x 8gauge Zinc Plated included.

designed by P dot Wolf and manufactured in the UK exclusively for P dot Wolf

We have many pack sizes available.

Another product that performs from PdotWolf

Pack size

1 Clips, 2 Clips, 3 Clips, 4 Clips, 5 Clips, 6 Clips, 7 Clips, 8 Clips, 9 Clips, 10 Clips, 11 Clips, 12 Clips

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