DIY Garden Watering Kit

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DIY Garden Watering Kit


All sprinklers can be individually adjusted for precise watering. The sprinklers can be set from a drip to a spray.

The kit comes complete with a selection of P.V.C fittings and is suitable to water a medium sized garden.

This irrigation kit is ideal to water pots & planters, Garden Borders or vegetable patches. The kit consists of 10m (31ft) of 16mm water distribution header pipe and then 25m (75ft) of 5mm sprinkler lead piping, a hole punch. At the end of each sprinkler lead you insert one of the sprinklers to water each specific area. The kit comes with 20 sprinklers which can water up to 2m in diameter (dependant on your water pressure) and also dependant on your requirements. Each sprinkler is adjustable so that you can increase/decrease the flow or just switch off if no watering is required in a certain area. There is also a range of other fittings to complete your system, such as elbows and tees for the header pipe to allow you to have different lines running off the main pipe. For longer runs down the garden your normal hosepipe can be fitted to the header pipe so you do not use up all the special header pipe to reach the next area to be watered

Perfect for automatic watering whist you are away or on holiday in conjunction with a electronic water timer also available on our website or eBay shop.

Extra fittings and pipe are available on request to allow you extend your kit even further.

This kit was awarded 5 stars out of 5 
by Grow it Magazine.

Kit Contains:

  • 10m (33ft) of 16mm Header Pipe
  • 25m (75ft) of 5mm Lead Pipe
  • 1 hole Punch
  • 20 Sprinklers and Insert Nipples
  • 4 End Bungs
  • 4 Elbows Connectors
  • 2 Tee Connectors
  • 1 Ball Valve
  • 1 Tap Connector

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