6m Wide Anti Bird Net Heavy Duty Knitted 20mm Mesh (Black)

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6m Wide Anti Bird Net Heavy Duty Knitted 20mm Mesh (Black)


All our bird netting is of a commercial quality grade, proved and tested under field conditions.


Anti Bird Net  6m Wide Heavy Duty Knitted  20mm Mesh (Black)

Our top quality 6m wide heavy duty knitted anti bird net 20mm mesh (Black) is ideal for protecting your precious fruit and crops  against those greedy marauding birds.

This is professional quality anti bird net that is used in commercial situations around the country.

It has a small mesh size of 20mm. This will protect your crops from very small birds.

Furthermore it is very soft, flexible and easy to handle which means it does not tangle.

Strong and long-lasting.

In addition it is easy to cut and does not fray.

Repels birds without trapping them.

Finally our anti bird net has exceptional tear and snag resistance.

Anti Bird Netting Uses

  • Drape on your fruit trees and bushes around the allotment and garden.
  • Cover your pond to stop herons eating your fish
  • Cover your pond in autumn to stop leaves entering your pond.
  • Drape over your fruit cage.
  • Around the garden and allotment to protect your crops.
  • Over raised beds.

Anti Bird Net Specifications

100% HDPE material, double stitched therefore giving extra strength.

In addition it is UV Stabilised therefore it will not become brittle if exposed to sunlight.

It is also rot and mildew resistant therefore easy to store over the winter months.

Small mesh size 20mm x 20mm

The life expectancy of this product is approx  10 years.

Colour:  Black

Weight – 30g per square metre

For ground staples for fixing see Ground Staples
For ground securing pegs for fixing see 6″ Ground Securing Pegs
Please Note:

Finally the sizes quoted are for when the netting is at full stretch when flat. Please allow some extra for draping over irregular shapes, pegging down and any more that you think you might require. In addition if  the netting is not supported at regular, short intervals it will sag, this means you will require slightly more netting. Please always allow some extra in your calculations.

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