PatioGro + Irrigation System

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PatioGro + Irrigation System


At last a proven robust no gimmick growing unit, designed for your patio or any growing area around your home and garden.

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The PatioGro

Grow your own vegetables, salads, herbs or flowers.

Now Only £44.95 Plus it comes complete with a FREE PatioGro Irrigation System worth £19.99

At last a proven robust no gimmick growing unit, designed for your patio or any growing area around your home.

PatioGro size 70”/175 cm (w)x 47”/116cm(h) x 22”/54cm(d) and weighs 12.5kg. The frame is more stable in strong winds than the light weight frames on the market due to the solid steel used in the frames construction.

P Dot Wolf Ltd are the inventors and main distributor of this quality product. Along with many other great garden products.

The PatioGro comes with twelve special extra deep growing trays with two tier drainage. Each tray holds enough compost to allow you to grow so many different varieties of salad, herb and vegetable crops, the crops grow well clear of slugs and small mammals.

The PatioGro can be used all the year round, as a flowering unit for bedding plants, and heathers etc. Also autumn & winter bulbs, mini daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths, crocus etc.

Also ideal for Spring & Summer salad and vegetable’s strawberries etc. Or even flowery perennials that will give you a tower of blooms.

Ideal for teaching children in school how to grow and care for plants, it may also help to get them to eat their own home grown vegetables!

Included with the PatioGro frame are 12 large T labels and full growing instructions. This enables you to successfully grow your own fresh salad, herbs and veg without costly waste.

The size of the unit allows people with limited space for example in flats and apartments who only have balconies the opportunity to grow their own produce as if they have a large garden with a vegetable plot. The three tier design allows a great amount of growing space within a small footprint.

We only supply 12 Grotrays with the frame but more can be used as per some of our images, more trays will slightly reduce the amount of light getting to the lower levels and also the irrigation nozzels will just require opening a little more to supply more than one tray.

PatioGro Irrigation System

This innovative system comes complete. There are twelve leads, one for each tray and each lead has a nozzle on the end. These Nozzles are fully adjustable to control the required flow of water and you can switch them off if you don’t need to water any of the trays. Controlling the water flow is very important because mature plants need a lot more water than young plants. The water flow is so easy to control you just turn the nozzle to increase or decrease it. You just attach the system to your Patiogro® with the clips supplied – snap on to your hose and all twelve trays are watered at once – simple! It even comes with the standard snap-on hose coupling. It saves on time and also on water – and you don’t get loads of water and compost all over the floor. You can also attach a water timer and then watering is done automatically, ideal if you are going away on holiday.

Precision watering at your finger tips

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