Bamboo Cane Flexi Ball Connector

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Cane Ball 01
Cane Ball 01

Bamboo Cane Flexi Ball Connector



 Bamboo Cane Ball Flexi Connector
Pack of 6, 12 or 24

The Flexi Ball Connector is a simple and easy to use

which is enables you to build a plant protection cage of any size you want by simply using bamboo canes.

the connectors will take canes of any size up to a maximum diameter of 14mm

Ideal for fruit cages, cloches, grow tunnels, pea & bean support frames etc.

No tools are required you simply push the canes into the connector and make a bespoke structure to your requirements.

The Cane Ball are manufactured in the UK

Canes, Netting, fleece Etc are all available on our website.

Another Product that Performs From PdotWolf 

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