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Kindling Splitter main
Kindling Splitter main
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Kindling Splitter main
Kindling Splitter main
kindling maker sizes

KINDLING KONG – Kindling splitter


A fast and efficient way of making kindling

The New Wall Mounted Kindling Splitter

This extra safe and simple kindling splitter just slices through wood making wafer thin kindling saving up to 60% on timber compared to chopping it with an axe.

No more laborious splitting-chopping of timber and logs into kindling with the usual splitting axe.

Also no more splitting or chopping of your fingers!!

It stows safely and easily against a wall or timber fence.

The product is made from heavy duty steel profiles and zinc coated so it will last for many years.

With its ergonomic design, mounted on the solid wall etc. this wood splitter you have the option to produce your own kindling and shavings.

It is designed to slice pieces of kindling easily in a safe and effective manner, no more dangerous axes, hatchets, no damaged floors.

Just mount a piece of wood in accordance with the length on the appropriate “step”, then use the torque generated by its long handle to drive its blade down through the wood to split the kindling. Moving up the steps until the wood splits

Try to avoid logs with branches, as more pressure would be needed. The best firewood to use is such as birch, spruce, ash, alder.

The splitter mounts with 4 screws or bolts. We do not supply any fixings as we can not cater for everyone’s fixing requirements.

The Handles come in an assortment of colours and will be picked at random.

Width 10cm  x Height 22cm x Length 65cm

Why not check out our Barnel Tools range for cutting you trees up to use as kindling

 Designed and produced in the UK and is exclusive to P Dot Wolf Ltd

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