10ft x 10ft New Concept Polythene Tunnel (Mini)

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10ft x 10ft Tunnel
10ft x 10ft Tunnel

10ft x 10ft New Concept Polythene Tunnel (Mini)




Our tunnels are ideal for the hobby gardener and allotment holder. You can grow your way to a more sustainable life, growing organically. There is nothing better than tasting your own home grown produce. A polytunnel allows you to extend the season… bringing the outdoors inside. We only use the highest quality materials throughout.

Peter, our Managing Director has been designing tunnels since 1969. He was influential in designing the first polytunnel that was launched in the UK. He worked in collaboration with the Lee Valley Experimental Station and British Cellophane, who manufactured the first UV stabilised polythene film that was wide enough to fit a tunnel.

In his semi-retirement he decided to take all his expertise and knowledge of the polytunnel market and design a polytunnel with lots of special features which he feels most of the retail polytunnels today lack. He also feels that when ordering polytunnels it becomes very confusing. You start with a very low basic cost but by the time you have added what you need the price is extortionate! Peter has made choosing and ordering a polytunnel easy.

We have four ways of fixing a polytunnel:

  1. Trench option – This is the cheapest way of fixing a polytunnel. We supply 1m long Armaguard steel foundation tubes that are hammered into the ground. The Polytunnel hoops are then slipped over these tubes and retained with a tensioning collar. No Timber base-rail is supplied with this option.
  2. Base-rail on soil – This option is supplied with a timber base-rail (so no trench to dig). We supply square metal plates that attach onto a long metal bracket that is then placed into a hole which you have to dig and then backfill with soil on top of the plate. This is ideal for allotment users whose rules don’t allow the use of concrete.
  3. Base Rail concrete dolly – This option is supplied with a timber base-rail (so no trench to dig) If your land is light and sandy and if you live in an exposed area we would recommend this option. You have to place our special brackets into a foundation of concrete (not supplied) we recommend that the amount of concrete per hole is approx 12”wide x 18” deep
  4. Base-rail hard fixing – This option is supplied with a timber base-rail and right angled brackets and rawl bolts. These attach the base-rail and hoops to a concrete or hard standing.


This is where our tunnels are superior to others. We use ARMAGUARD high strength, high performance steel for our Framework. This newly developed high endurance tube has been tested in a laboratory and shows no undue deterioration after 100 years! ARMAGUARD has a lifetime guarantee against corrosion. Galvanised tubing has a high Zinc content, unlike Armaguard. Therefore Armaguard is more environmentally friendly that standard galvanised tubing.


The hoops are ARMAGUARD 32mm OD (outside diameter) with a 1.5mm wall thickness. Please check other polytunnel manufacturers steel specifications as a lot of them use smaller bore tube and a thinner wall thickness. They also use tube that has been galvanised but not to a high specification

Our framework has straight sides which is great for growing taller plants right up to the edge of the framework.

Our hoops are two part, slot together (swaged) rather than some other competitors who use flimsy fittings to fasten the hoops together.


We have replaced the usual ridge tube for two strengthening horizontal side bars. This makes the tunnel a more stable structure and it also allows you to use the side bars as crop support bars. These are made from 25mm OD (outside diameter) tube with a 1.2mm wall thickness, once again made from ARMAGUARD steel. These side bars are ideal for supporting tomatoes, cucumbers, beans or hanging baskets etc at both sides of your polytunnel. These bars would also support the New Concept Irrigation Kits main header pipes. They are positioned around eye level. The innovative feature gives you double the length of your polytunnel in crop support bars…no other tunnel gives you this option as standard. This makes growing in your tunnel a lot easier and making the space available more useful.


These bars are dual purpose. They stabilise the framework and can also be used as a plant support or a support for our mobile New Concept Potting Bench. Once again they are made from 25mm OD ARMAGUARD steel tubing. These support bars are positioned around waist height.


We supply a Lumisol Clear British made 720 gauge polythene cover manufactured by BPI Visqueen. This has been specifically designed to stand up to the rigours of our British climate. It is UV stabilised for longer life. It is covered by a 7 year warranty against degradation from the sun. We have known these covers to last up to 10 years!

Other benefits:

  • Anti-fog properties which reduce the dripping caused when condensation is present…this forms as a film rather than droplets that can damage plants.
  • It has up to a 92% light transmission. It allows UVB light to enter the tunnel which enhances the fragrance, taste and colour of the crops. It also helps in the development of your crop, which in turn means earlier harvesting.
  • Over an 80% thermic effect. The thermal effect of the film prevents heat radiation being lost from the polytunnel. This ensures a higher foliage temperature and drier plants. It also creates a more stable/optimum temperature especially at night. This leads to lower heating costs. Can save up to 15-20% on fuel compared to normal polythene.
  • Light diffusion under 35% – This is how the film diffuses the light, scattering it evenly throughout the tunnel thus avoiding shadows, the brightest of sunlight which in turn minimising scorching.


This is included in the price. The tape is attached to each hoop on the outside edge. It protects the cover from the heat build up from the steel hoop. Thus ensuring the covers longer life.


All our timber is of the best quality from an FSC sustainable source. It is treated with “TanalithE” tanalised timber treatment. This extends the life of the timber to between 15-20 years. This pressure treatment will extend the life of the timber. The base rail timber is 2” x 2” nominal (50mm x 50mm) with an “easi edge” which means the edges are finely planed to stop splinters and sharp edges.

We choose only the best top quality  timber that has been sourced from the Northern Hemisphere. This means that it has been grown slowly, therefore making it very strong with less knots and a greater density.

Our battens are 40mm x 19mm (¾” x 1.5”)and once again are “TanalithE” treated, FSC sourced and from the Northern Hemisphere.


We supply at the entrance end to the tunnel all the components to make a 2ft 7” wide stable door. This is a must when it comes to a door in a tunnel. You must be able to ventilate your tunnel on hot sunny days. This reduces scorching and the chance of mildew. It also stops domestic pets, rabbits and vermin to enter at ground level. On those slightly colder days it  also stops drafts at ground level.

At the other end of the tunnel we supply all the components to make two friction controlled swivel windows. These allow 100% uninterrupted flow of air from one end to the other. (If your door is open at the other end).

This is also a must to allow bees and insects into the polytunnel to do their pollination of your crops. This will in turn increase your crop dramatically.

If you do require doors at both ends rather than the swivel windows you can choose this as an option when ordering.


All our fittings, nails, bolts, hinges, tube clamps etc are all galvanised or electroplated to prevent corrosion.


These are supplied two to every hoop (one on each leg of the hoop) These allow you to tighten up the cover as required.


CARRIAGE is included to UK mainland. Not including Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and Isle of Man. Please ring or message for a quotation.

VAT is included.


  • Crop support bars that go from side to side on the polytunnel. These are ideal for hanging baskets from and using as a support for tall crops.
  • Irrigation Kit. This is a great kit for use in your polytunnel. Not like most irrigation kits which wet all the crops. Ours is designed from commercial quality fittings and allows areas to be turned on and off as required.
  • Potting Bench. This has been designed specifically for the New Concept Polytunnel. It is easily moved around your polytunnel and can be put up or taken down quickly and easily.

Compare our quality, our innovative designs and then the price…you will be surprised!

We supply 4 lengths of tunnels:


ground fixing type

Trench Option £360, Base Rail on Soil £463, Base Rail Concrete Dolly £442, Base Rail Hard Fixing £436

Irrigation kit

Yes +(£45.95), No +(£0)

Crop Bar

No Crop Bar +(£0), 1 Crop Bar+(£10.50), 2 Crop Bars+(£20)

Potting Bench

No Potting Bench = (£0), With Potting Bench = + (£49.95)

Door Option

Stable Door and Swivel Window = (£0), Stable Door both Ends = +(£0)

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