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Do your pupils know where their food comes from?

Growing their own vegetables is a brilliant teaching resource and will provide great enjoyment and satisfaction for everybody!

Why Purchase our Primary Growing Kit?

Trying to get key stage 1 pupils interested in planting can be a challenging task. It doesn’t always seem like the most stimulating of topics to study, especially for children. That’s where we come in; Primary Growing Kit is a clean and safe way to show children how to grow salad crops, fruit and vegetables . We believe that by growing it themselves, pupils are much more likely to eat veg and continue with healthy eating habits.

The Primary Growing Kit is a perfect way to carry out investigations, experiments and most of all making learning fun. It has everything you need to grow tasty salad leaves in just 28 days. This is a simple and rewarding way to teach your pupils.

You can order this kit online and have it delivered to your school in a matter of days!
What it includes:

Sturdy steel frame that holds the 12 extra deep trays.These deep trays hold 2 seed trays each which makes 24 seed trays. Each one of these will grow the salad leaves and your pupils will be able to take one of these home with crops they can eat within 28 days

Primary Growing kit also includes:
• Salad Leaf seeds – enough for 24 seed trays
• Plant labels for the pupils to write their names and date seeds were planted.
• Two easy seeders , this is a tool used to place the seeds in the soil to ensure they are spread easily and this avoids
wasted seeds.
• 2 child size watering cans, to teach pupils about watering the plant.
• Permanent marker pen for writing on the plant labels.
• Bag of compost, enough to fill 24 seed trays.

number of units

1 unit (£110), 2 units (£190)

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