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Flexipanel Foldable Dog Fencing

Portable, foldable, expandable dog fence. Ideal for all dog owners and keeps your dogs contained both outdoors and indoors. Next Day Delivery on all orders.

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P Dot Product Reviews


Flexible Foldable Dog Fencing

Excellent Puppy Fence

Ali Simmons

Very good product. I ordered loads so I could stretch it across my drive. I then used it as part of my 'puppy paddock' (the gate). All very easy to set up and flexible enough to change the configuration quickly and easily.

LQ Solutions

25ltr Algiclear Algae/Moss Killer

Very fast acting

S Corrigan

Great product used on roof fast acting.


Whelping Pen

Easy to use and good size, definitely recommend.

Katie Jones

Brilliant easy to assemble and change from W helping box to puppy pen. Easily big enough for Labrador and 8 pups. She had the puppies in the box very happily. Now the puppies are older we keep it closed and mum can easily jump in and out when she needs a break from the puppies


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